FAQ – massage

What do I need to do before my massage?

Do I need to completely undress?

Ensuring you are comfortable, with your modesty protected, is a number one priority for Meltage. You will need to undress for your treatment. It is your personal choice if you keep underwear on, some treatments such as work on the Gluteal muscles are easier without underwear.  You will be covered with towels at all times during your treatment. 

Is Meltage massage a sensual or sexual experience?

The simple answer to this is No.  There are many types of massage, sensual or sexual massage can be very meaningful within the right confines such as a loving relationship.  The massage offered by Meltage adopts a clinical, medical approach aiming to reduce stress and tension within muscles,  we do not offer any sexual services or 'happy endings'.

Can anyone be massaged?

There are some medical conditions that prevent or restrict massage. A 15 min consultation during your first appointment will explore any medical conditions you may have to ensure your treatment does not have any negative impact.  Please check this list prior to your visit, if you have any questions or concerns please call Peter.

What is Massage?

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue to reduce muscle tension and soreness; a number of techniques are used to treat tense, traumatized muscles.

What is a knot?

The medical term for a knot in the muscle is myofascial trigger point.  In layman's terms it is a muscle that has contracted and won't release.  Deep tissue or sports massage uses techniques to instruct the brain to release the muscle and restore normal functionality.

Will I be pain free after my massage?

Most of the time muscular pain has evolved over a long period of time and it will take time to get the muscles back to normal.  Some pain relief can be felt immediately and other times it may take several treatments before any relief is felt.

What are the benefits of massage?

There are many benefits from massage, here are a few

  • Tones and restores muscle
    Releases traumatized muscle
    Increase range of motion and flexibility
    Relief of pain
    Increase blood and lymph flow
    Relaxation and rejuvenation