FAQ – waxing

Will it hurt?

Removing hair at the root has to involve some pain, many of my clienits say the thought of it is actually worse than having it done. Everybody has different pain thresholds, you will not know until you try it. Meltage uses top quality, Perron Rigot ,waxes specifically designed for tougher, deep rooted male hair reducing pain to a minimum.  If you are not sure give Peter a call and book a patch test.

How long before hair grows back?

The average time for hair re-growth is four to six weeks. Hair grows in cycles, after 3 to 4 treatments the return groŷwth cycle will be extended.

Will re-growth itch as with shaving or depilation creams.

No - shaving or hair removal chemicals cut off the hair, itching is caused when the edge of the hair pushes back through the skin.  Waxing removes the hair regrowth is the same as for normal hair growth,  the hair naturally progresses from root through the skin.

Do I need to prepare?

How can I prevent blackheads?

Blackheads are caused when the new hair turns under the skin rather than pushing through. Keeping the skin in good condition is key to minimising blackheads, regular exfoliation, using an anti-bacterial soap and moisturiser will all help to keep black heads at bay. Meltage can advise on additonal products that can be used.

What if I get aroused during waxing?

This is a common fear don't panic, arousal during waxing is fairly rare and has nothing to do with sex. Once the hair removal process starts any arousal will quickly disappear.

Do I have to lie naked on the couch?

Meltage treats clients with respect, you will be covered with towels exposing only the area being waxed.