Health tips

This section includes links to health information that I have personally found helpful.  It also includes a section on stretching that you may have been referred to following a massage treatment. Meltage does not in any way endorse the information please make up your own mind as to its validity.

Over the years through my training and working with numerous clients I have learnt the importance of balance.  Homeostasis is all about internal balance, the bodies control mechanism for ensuring we remain healthy.   So often I see clients presenting with muscle pain caused by stress and tension.  Working muscles from a mechanics viewpoint has its merit but unless the client lets go from their head I will achieve little.  The society we live in has less and less time for true relaxation. It is important to find a space where we can disengage the conscious mind and allow our bodies to recover.  I am a great believer in promoting self healing where the body repairs itself.  Some of the tips here are all about promoting a healthy core that can fight its own battles.

There has a been a lot of  press coverage in recent months regarding the over use of drugs and in particular antibiotics.  We have become dependant on the quick fix; ‘pop a pill’.  In years past many remedies, often dismissed now as ‘old housewives tales’, were used by mothers and grandmothers. Do they work? Do they have a part to play today? It has been shown  the more dependant we become on drugs the less effective they can be when critically needed.   I am not in any was advocating stopping prescribed medication just an open mind to a more holistic approach.  I long for the day when GP’s recognise the power of massage, touch is such a transforming medium.