Hair removal

Waxing the process of hair removal, also known as depilation or epilation, can be applied to all body hair. Meltage use top quality wax and pre/post aftercare products to ensure top quality results with minimum pain.

Meltage uses two types of wax, strip and non strip. Often known as soft and hard wax. Strip wax utilizes a paper strip pressed into the wax to remove the hair, it is generally used for larger body areas. Non strip wax shrink wraps onto the hair and is particularly suitable for intimate and smaller areas.

The Meltage service has been designed particularly with men in mind in a non beauty salon environment. The waxes used have been designed to tackle male hair which is generally stronger and more deep rooted.

Meltage currently offers waxing for men only covering all body areas with the exception of eyebrows. Facial hair removal for men is limited to ears and nose.

Clippering is available to trim down unruly body hair using professional Wahl clippers.

See Price List for details of waxing and clippering services

Please note Meltage is unable to offer hair removal services for clients under the age of 18

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