Privacy policy

Peter at Meltage takes client data privacy very seriously.

Meltage takes every step to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

  • What information is collected?

    • Information entered either by you the client or Meltage staff via the online booking system. This data is managed, in compliance with GDPR, by Timely.
      • Data collected by online booking is restricted to full name, email address, contact number and origin IP address
    • Data supplied during initial consultation.  Medical history is recorded to ensure the requested treatment  is not contra-indicated
    • Cookies - utilised on the Meltage website
  • How we use data collected?

    • To ensure treatments offered are suitable and meet with insurance requirements
    • Periodically, no more than eight times a year, send out a newsletter with business information and offers
    • Annually, on the client birthday, send out a birthday greeting/gift
    • Send appointment reminders via email and SMS
    • Developing the Meltage website
  • Can I see what data is held?

    • In compliance with GDPR you have right to request electronic copy of records held
  • How long is data stored?

    • Meltage stores all data records for ten years
  • Storage

    • All electronic data is stored compliant with GDPR
    • Paper consultation forms are kept in a secure, locked environment
  • How do I remove myself

    • All Meltage communications have an 'unsubscribe' option at the bottom.  Click this link to be removed from any future mailings
    • If you wish to remove or change the timing of booking reminder and confirmation. Send Peter your request