Chest (CW1)£2030mins
Abs (AB1)£1530mins
Chest and abs (CA1)£2045mins
Lower back (LB1)
Upper back and shoulder (UB1)£2030mins
Full back and shoulders (FB1)£2545mins
Full arms and hands (AH1)£2545mins
Half arms ( lower or upper) (AR1)£1530mins
Under arms (UA1)£1015mins
Full legs and feet (LF1)£3560mins
Half legs (upper or lower) (HL1)£2545mins
Feet and toes (FT1)£1015mins
Buttock cheeks (BC1)£1230mins
Buttock crack (BC2)£1530mins
Buttock cheeks and crack (BC3)£2545mins
Brazilian (scrotum, penis, buttocks) (BZ1)£4090mins
Hollywood (all off pubic region) (HW1)£45120mins
Full body - neck down without Brazilian/Hollywood (FB1)£120165mins
Full body - neck down incl Brazilian / Hollywood (FB2)£140210mins
Nose (when included with other waxing) (NS1)£510mins
Ears (when included with other waxing) (EA1)£510mins

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