Waxing exposed ………


  • Does it hurt? – I’d like to say no but I’d be lying.  Yes it does hurt but the long term benefits outweigh the short term pain
  • Does return hair growth get less? Hair growth is not an exact science I have many clients who have significantly less hair returning from when they started
  • Waxing versus hair removal creams/shaving? 
    • Hair removal creams, such as Veet, simply dissolve the hair that is on the surface. Personally, I would not put on my skin any chemicals that are designed to dissolve hair. I know many guys who have badly burnt themselves using such creams especially down below
    • Shaving in a similar way simply chops off the hair at the surface of the skin.  Both hair removal creams and shaving can lead to itching when the hair starts to regrow
    • Waxing In contrast to the above removes the hair from the root (if it’s done properly) meaning return growth takes longer to appear.  When you first start waxing it can be three to four weeks but keep it up and the window will increase to around five to six weeks

  • BSC is it for me? (back, sac and crack) this is obviously a personal question for you.  It is popular these days to man-scape, waxing is by far one of the best ways to achieve a good smooth, itch free finish.  Guys choose to be hair free for many reasons, hygiene, sport or simply personal preference. Squatting over a mirror, razor in hand, is never a brilliant idea. The negatives, yes, it is painful although keep it regular and you’ll find the pain less. There’s also the embarrassment aspect, I do my best to ensure clients are at ease.  After the first few min’s embarrassment disappears. 
    • What if I get an erection?  – arousal can occur during waxing.  It has nothing to do directly with sex but is simply a reaction to touch. The best approach is ignore it, I do.  One thing for certain you will not be thrown out as is threatened in some beauty salons.
  • Will I get spots? – these can sometimes occur when you first start waxing.  Exfoliation is a good way to prep the skin and minimise the risk.  The key as with most things to do with waxing – keep it regular. You’ll find after a few sessions’ spots don’t occur

Any questions – feel free to ask.  If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it out.